Why Should I Have A Hearing Test?

Why Should I Have A Hearing Test?

September 1, 2017 0

Many people schedule an annual health check with their family doctor to check for possible problems and to monitor any on-going health issues. But what about your hearing? Most people do not think about having their hearing checked until they notice that they are having difficulty hearing friends, family or maybe their favourite TV show.

Even when someone notices that they are having difficulty hearing, they may still delay having a hearing test for several years. But ask yourself, “Why wait?” At London Audiology Consultants, we recommend that everyone at age 50 should have a baseline hearing assessment.

There are several reason why you may want to have a hearing test. For example, hearing loss is commonly associated with other health issues. Were you aware that hearing loss is twice as common in people with diabetes as compared to those without diabetes?  Hearing loss is also associated with the risk factors for cardiovascular disease including smoking, high body mass index and a larger waist circumference. These associations underscore the importance of having your hearing tested.

Hearing loss becomes more common  as we age and the prevalence of hearing loss increases with age. By age 65 approximately 40% of people will have some hearing loss. However, there are many causes of hearing loss and hearing loss can occur at any age.

Would you like to maintain your active lifestyle? Having a hearing test done will tell you if your hearing is declining. Age related hearing loss can result in social isolation as many people will give up some of the activities that they love if they are struggling to hear. But why give up the things that you enjoy when you can do something to improve your hearing.  It is also well documented that untreated hearing loss is associated with cognitive decline and this may occur due to the social isolation that many people with hearing loss experience.

Regardless of a person’s age, the inability to hear can limit an individual’s ability to communicate effectively. This can impact participation at school, at work or in social activities. If you think you are having hearing difficulty or you just want to have a baseline hearing test done, make an appointment to see an audiologist for a full hearing check. You will be glad you did!

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