Why Do Hearing Aids Cost So Much!

Why Do Hearing Aids Cost So Much!

August 22, 2017 0

In my profession I am often asked why hearing aids cost so much and do they really work and “how can something so small cost so much?”

Lets put things in perspective. Computers, televisions and cell phones ar all of devices that
are “smart.” These electronic devices compute, transmit, track etc. These devices have
different levels of technology or features and the price varies accordingly depending on your wants and needs. We know that the prices on these devices can be quite high.

Well the same is true of hearing aids but there are several big differences. Hearing aids are medical devices, much smaller in size.  The minute it is turned on, it is working: analyzing, amplifying and producing high quality sound.

BUT it is also doing this in a damp oily environment. Imagine the work that goes into designing something so small that works so hard yet has to be moisture resistant.

From conception to completion it can take 7 to 10 years for a hearing aid to make it to the consumer. The prototypes undergo clinical testing to measure or gauge their effectiveness. This data is given to Health Canada as it must meet strict guidelines before being approved for the consumer. That is not the end of it though. THEN the manufacturer has to make it into a small, sleek, inconspicous wearable device. Finally it is ready for the consumer.

Most manufacturers  will only supply their product to licensed hearing healthcare professionals. The reason being, the success and benefit of hearing aids is dependent on a properly diagnosed hearing loss and the proper fitting and counseling of hearing aids by a licensed hearing healthcare professional.

Please join us at our Hearing Club on Thursday September 28 at 2 PM. Leah Vusich, Audiologist with Unitron Canada will present a seminar “From Conception to Hearing Aid.” She will show us how hearing aids are designed and made.  Every one is welcome!!

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