Welcome to London Audiology Consultant’s new website and blog!

Welcome to London Audiology Consultant’s new website and blog!

January 17, 2014 0

Welcome to London Audiology Consultants’ new website and our first blog.  Check here for updates on hearing information and what’s new at London Audiology Consultants.


Our clinic is locally owned and independently run. Catherine and Margaret established London Audiology Consultants in 1985. Both worked for a few years prior to that after graduating from UWO as audiologists. Margaret is very proud of the fact that she has some patients who are still with her since 1982!


Some of the themes that we will cover in future blogs are the importance of hearing in our lives, misconceptions about hearing loss and what hearing aids can and cannot do for you.


Our goal is to help people hear better. We hope this blog will help people understand and enjoy the journey to better hearing. We invite you to travel with us!

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London Audiology Consultants is an independent Hearing Health Care clinic established in 1985.

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