Weekly Spotlight: Mary

Weekly Spotlight: Mary

January 29, 2021 0
Introducing our Weekly Spotlights! We want you to get to know our team and a little bit more about what goes on behind the scenes while we take care of your hearing needs.
Our first entry is from Mary:
Hi, my name is Mary DeMelo, just in case you didn’t recognize me under the mask. I am a Hearing Instrument Dispenser and have been part of the London Audiology team/family for over 35 years. Part of my job is cleaning hearing aids. When hearing aids come in for maintenance, we do a thorough cleaning and inspection. For the cleaning of hearing aids, we rely very heavily on The Mark V which is a vacuum for hearing aids. This machine allows us to suction out debris from receivers, microphones, battery compartments, volume controls, etc., that a brush would not be able to get at.
At this appointment we also change tubing, wires, wax guards, microphone covers to name a few things. Regular at-home and in-house maintenance is crucial in keeping your hearing aid working optimally and also may help reduce manufacturer repairs and increase the longevity of the hearing aid’s life.

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