Using Earwax to study Migratory Patterns

Using Earwax to study Migratory Patterns

April 26, 2021 0
It’s true! It breaks down to the two most common types of earwax: wet, amber-to-brown, or the dry, gray, and flaky kind.  An estimated 97 to 100 percent of people of European and African descent have the wet-type earwax, while 90 percent or more of those descended from East Asians have the dry type.But for the rest of the world population, earwax makeup is mixed. Native Americans and people from southeast Asia, for example, exhibit dry earwax in 30 to 50 percent of the population.
Using this information, researchers can determine in part the ancestral routes of different people and how those ancestors got to where their descendants now live.
You can learn more details about this at the link below: 

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