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Tips and Troubleshooting

Don’t ignore your battery warning. A weak battery can cause a hearing aid to be intermittent, distorted or just not work properly. You may squeeze a little more time out of the battery but it may cause you unncessary problems.

Do clean your hearing aids every day, even if you don’t think they need it. Wax and moisture are your hearing aids two biggest enemies and are not always visible. Change your filter (if you have one) as recommended. Wipe and brush the hearing aids every day and remember to open your battery door at night.

If you have a dri aid kit, use it every night to store your hearing aids. If you don’t have one, it is a good idea to purchase one. It will absorb unwanted and damaging moisture overnight and help cut down on repairs.

Don’t wait to call if you have any concerns with your hearing aids, whether it is related to comfort, function or sound. Often people think they are “bothering” us when they have a concern or a repeated problem. This is not the case, we want to HEAR from you if you are having a problem.

Do use your hearing aid case and/or pouch for storage. Most hearing aids are lost or damaged, not because they fall out but due to improper storage. If your hearing aids are not in your ears, store them in the hard shell case or pouch provided. If you need a spare case or pouch for travel or any other reason, please just ask.

If you have any problems or concerns with your hearing aids, please contact our office.

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