London Audiology Consultants

Sean Brac


Sean has been an Audiologist at LAC since 2010 and became a part-owner with Margaret in 2019. This is not counting the years of administrative experience he also has at LAC while working his way up to becoming an Audiologist. Sean is a clinical educator with Western University and has mentored countless audiology students during their placements at LAC. He engages in professional development to ensure he is able to provide the best care for his patients. Sean has taught Industrial Audiology courses for work and safety courses through Fanshawe College.

Sean has led the LAC team throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. He and Carrie “held the fort” seeing patients for emergency appointments during the initial lockdown. Since then he has been team leader researching best practices and staying abreast of government and health unit requirements. He established our policies and procedures to get patients and staff safely through the pandemic.

Sean provides at-home care for those who are unable to come to our clinic for services and is a trusted source of support and information to all those who come to us from the hearing impaired community. He is also a part of our Parkwood team, providing in-service care to the Veterans residing there.