Suzanne Obbema

Hello. My name is Suzanne and I have been part of the administration staff at London Audiology Consultants since 2008. I enjoy spending time with my family. As well, I enjoy my extended work family at London Audiology.

One of the areas that makes me proud to be part of the London Audiology team is being able to say with confidence and pride that everyone at London Audiology makes sure our clients and anyone needing help receives quality service, integrity pricing without any gimmicks or hidden costs.

Whenever someone needs help due to serious issues such as sudden hearing loss it is a great feeling to know that any one of our audiologists make time in their schedule to help that person (they’ve even been known to give up a lunch or two; they must be starving!)

London Audiology
London Audiology Consultants is an independent Hearing Health Care clinic established in 1985.

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