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Auditory Processing Disorder

(Also referred to as Central Auditory Processing Disorder)

For most children, auditory abilities develop with experience and practice. Children who have auditory processing difficulties have something going on with their auditory pathways where their brain cannot make sense of what their ears are hearing. These children often have difficulty following directions, listening in noisy environments, and learning from listening.

It is possible for auditory processing difficulties to continue into adulthood. Others may acquire auditory processing disorder (APD) after concussion or other traumatic brain injury.

We perform a full battery of tests to assess APD. Our audiologists have been specially trained and follow the Buffalo Model of testing. This test battery includes words in background noise, binaural integration, phonemic synthesis and awareness. We also have several other tests that we can use as needed. We also offer a treatment program for children with auditory processing difficulties.

Common signs associated with Auditory Processing Disorder:

A diagnosis of APD can be validation that there is a reason why you or your child struggles to focus or follow along during a conversation. It also allows us to identify the areas of difficulty so a treatment plan can be created. One of our audiologists can also recommend accommodations for school or at home, in social situations, and in the workplace to help to reduce the impact that your hearing/processing ability has on your work performance.

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