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London Audiology Consultants is an independent Hearing Health Care clinic established in 1985.

If you have concerns about your hearing, we recommend you have a full hearing assessment. Hearing can be tested at any age from newborns to the elderly. At the age of 50, everyone should have a baseline hearing test with follow up tests every 5 years. Hearing is essential to communication. A quarter of all 65-year-olds have hearing loss. In the population over 75 years of age, incidence of hearing loss increases to 83%. We recommend all seniors have their hearing tested. It is much easier to adjust to hearing aids if the process is started earlier. But no one is too old to hear better!


Over 30 years

What we do

Hearing Tests

Are there any situations where you would like to hear better?

Children’s Hearing

Our Audiologists have extensive experience testing and treating the hearing of children.

Auditory Processing Testing

How our brains interpret what we hear. This is a diagnostic test of a person’s ability to process sound.

Auditory Processing Treatment Plan

If an auditory processing disorder is found, we can help with our auditory training program.

Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus is the sound of buzzing or ringing in the ears or head which other people do not hear. We can help most patients experiencing tinnitus.


Hyperacusis is decreased sensitivity to sound. Typically people report being uncomfortable with background sounds that other people are not bothered by.

Brain Injury

Acquired brain injury (ABI) is defined as any “injury to the brain which occurs after birth or injury/trauma.”


Understanding hearing loss is an important step for patients and their families.

Auditory Training

We provide individual and family counselling on communication strategies for both listeners and speakers.

Ear / Wax Cleaning

Our clinical staff has been trained to remove wax from patient’s ears.

Annual Hearing Aid Check Ups

We recommend that adults wearing hearing aids should have a full annual assessment.

Hearing Aid Cleaning and Maintenance

Tips and tricks for getting the most out of your hearing aids.

Onsite Hearing Aid Repairs

We can do many minor hearing aid repairs on site.

Hearing Aid and Equipment Warranties

We honor hearing aid loss, damage, and repair warranties depending on the manufacturer.

Hospital Services

We provide a full range of audiology services to the veterans living at Parkwood.

Home Visit

We provide home visits for most of our hearing aid related services. Please contact us for applicable fees.

Palliative Hearing Aid Loaner Program

We have hearing aids and personal sound amplifiers available for short term loans to help those who need amplification as part of end of life care.

Extended Hours

Evening, Saturday and Home Visit appointments are available upon request.

Request an Appointment

We will be happy to find a day and time for you to consult with one of our audiologists.

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