Sean Brac

sean_bracI am proud to have been an audiologist at London Audiology Consultants for
 the past 3 years now. I can honestly call our clinic my second home, partly 
because I’ve been around the clinic nearly my entire life, but also because 
the people here feel like family.

When I first met Catherine (one of my
 employers and colleague) I threw up on her….I was about 6 months old. Now 
of course I do not remember this encounter but I have been told this story
 many many times. Growing up around the clinic I did many different jobs,
learning the ins and outs of paper shredding was one highlight, I am proud 
to tell people now that I have worked my way up to audiologist.

I did not 
always know that I wanted to be an audiologist. During my undergrad I was 
persuaded to look into the option of doing my masters to become an
 audiologist. The more I looked into audiology the more I liked it. The 
combination of technology, science and ultimately working with people is
 what made and continues to make audiology so appealing.

I am truly grateful
I had the opportunity to become an audiologist and look forward to coming
to work to help people each day.