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Assistive Devices

Telephone Amplifier:

A Clarity In Line Telephone Amplifier for use with any corded telephone. It attaches very easily and has up to 40 dB amplification.


There is a wide variety of amplified telephones available, suitable for any hearing loss.  We also have access to a telephone for the hearing and visually impaired.

The 50dB Clearsounds CSC 600 Amplified phone for mild to severe loss.

The 50 dB Clarity XLC2 Amplified Dect 6.0 Cordless Speaker Phone with optional talking caller ID

Alarm Clocks:

There is a wide range of alarm clocks for the hearing impaired. We can choose from LED digital display or a traditional analog clock.

The Sonic Boom Analog Alarm Clock with Bedshaker. The Sonic Boom Analog Alarm has been designed for those who prefer the ease of use and familiar look of an analog alarm clock.

A Clarity Wake Assure Vibrating Alarm Clock. The Wake Assure™ Alarm Clock, provides a super loud alarm of up to 85+ decibels as well as a visual alarm indicator. With a powerful bed shaker and a lamp flasher connection, the Wake Assure™ is a great solution for those with a moderate hearing loss.

Amplification for TV:

Most hearing aid manufacturers have Bluetooth TV devices which work with their hearing aids. If your hearing aids are not compatible with Bluetooth, the following products may suit you.

TV Ears helps people with hearing loss hear the television clearly without turning up the volume!

The Sennheiser Set 830 Infra Red System. This listening system includes great sound, useful features, and interference-free listening in one convenient package.

Hearing Protection:

We provide a full line of hearing protection from custom hearing plugs to musician plugs.

Custom musician plugs known as ER9, 15 or 25, they:

  • Reduce sound levels evenly so that music and speech are clear and natural, not muffled as with other earplugs while protecting your hearing.
  • Reduce the risk of hearing damage for different  noisy occupations and noisy venues
  • 3 levels of sound reduction: 9 dB, 15 dB and 25 dB
  • Interchangeable buttons
  • Custom earmolds require ear impressions.

Custom Swim Plugs & Custom Hearing Protection

We also provide custom hearing protection. Impressions of the ears are required. Custom Molded EarPlugs offer full-custom hearing protection, for a wide variety of applications from shooting to sleeping. Anyone exposed to noise above 85 dB should be wearing hearing protection.

We also provide custom swim plugs.  Impressions of the ears are required.

Custom-made swim plugs offer protection for people prone to ear infections or other ear problems.

If you don’t need custom plugs, we also carry Doc’s Proplugs. They come in sizes  xs, s, m l, xl.  This is an inexpensive way to keep water out of the ears.

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