May is Healthy Hearing Month

May is Healthy Hearing Month

May 15, 2020 0

May is Healthy Hearing Month

Tips to keep your hearing healthy!

-Protect your hearing with proper hearing protection. Remember your hearing aids in the “off” position do not serve as hearing protection when in loud noise.

-Wear your hearing aids everyday. This decreases strain and the energy required to hear without your hearing aids and is beneficial for your physical and mental health

-Eat a well balanced diet and exercise regularly. This is good for your cardiovascular health but also for your hearing health.

-Do puzzles like crosswords, Sudoku or word searches. They are fun and get the juices flowing and keep the brain active

-If you have a hearing loss and wear hearing aids, get your hearing tested annually. This allows us to monitor your hearing, check and clean your hearing aids thoroughly and make any necessary adjustments.

-Get fitted with hearing aids if you have a hearing loss. Research has proven the sooner you start wearing amplification the better. Also, hearing aids can help reduce the rate of deterioration associated with dementia.

-Refer a friend or family member. If you are concerned about someone’s hearing, encourage them to get a hearing test. We know getting them into our office can be difficult so share this link to our website where they can take a free online hearing test.




Get your hearing tested.  Anyone over the age of  50 should have a baseline hearing test.

Regular exercise and healthy eating.


Wearing your hearing aids daily.

Wear hearing protection when in noise

COVID-19 Update

Our office is still open Monday to Friday 9:00-2:00 for emergencies and curbside pick-ups (visit our Home Page for full details). During this time we have been working hard at reviewing and improving our infection control policies. Unfortunately, even though we are ready , we cannot resume booking elective appointments until we get the go ahead.

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