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London Audiology Consultants established the LAKE Fund (London Audiology Kids Equipment and Testing Fund) in 2002 to help families in need of financial assistance to pay for their children’s hearing aids, earmolds and follow up care. As children are active, their hearing aids are more prone to breakdown and require regular maintenance. Many of our patient’s families do not qualify for government programs that help pay these costs.

Over the years we have received financial support from service clubs like the Rotary Club of London West in 2005.  In 2010 we received a generous donation from a patient’s study group. In addition, Widex Canada, Starkey Canada and Unitron have all donated hearing aids to our young patients. 

In 2011, we recognized the need to help some of our senior patients and therefore renamed our LAKE Fund to London Audiology Kids and Elders Fund. To date we have helped over 75 families pay for needed hearing equipment or services.

Our main fundraising activity has been our Annual Christmas Open House. We have run the Open House from 2003, when we moved into our current location, until the pandemic struck.  Our Open Houses were fun times when we opened our doors to the community with a special invitation to all our hearing impaired patients. We had cake, cookies, coffee and tea, raffles, toonie draws, door prizes, gift bags, hearing aid cleanings and a chance to chat with “old friends.” We hope to revive this tradition in the near future. In the meantime we are holding smaller Special Events by appointment only.

Over the last 20 years we have raised thousands of dollars, most of it from our current patients, all going back to local families.

Please let us know if you need financial help or wish to donate. The LAKE Fund is not a registered charity so we are unable to provide charitable receipts.

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