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If you currently have a cell phone with blue tooth you may be able to connect your hearing aids either directly to your cell phone or through a wireless accessory that works between your hearing aids and cell phone.

Several manufacturers currently have hearing aids that are MFi (made for Iphone) that allow you a direct connection to your hearing aid for cell phone use.  This technology uses the hearing aid microphone as the relay for conversation.

There is another option for Bluetooth connectivity to most other cell phones. Most manufacturers have  a wireless device that is worn around the neck.  

This device allows communication between the hearing aids and cell phone and houses the microphone to relay conversation.

These cell phone solutions offer handsfree communication and binaural listening into both hearing aids, thus improving phone conversation.

Currently, there are two manufacturers who have a landline phone that connects wirelessly to your hearing aids. This allows using the hearing aids with the landline to be much easier and more comfortable.  Again, it allows amplification to come into both hearing aids.

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