International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

March 15, 2021 0
Happy International Women’s Day! I know we all have strong, smart, and inspirational women in our lives, and today we’d like to celebrate the woman that made LAC possible!
“To acknowledge International Women’s Day I would like to tell you my story.
I started in private practice right after graduating with my Master’s degree in Audiology. I started seeing a few patients two afternoons a week in the back office of an ENT clinic.
Mary joined me about a year later and she has been integral in her tireless help in building this clinic. Thank you Mary!
At first I just tested hearing and prescribed hearing aids. Can you believe, we old pioneers had to prove to the government that audiologists should be allowed to prescribe and dispense hearing aids? Prior to that, people had to take our prescriptions to someone else. We had many political battles in the early years. (And triumphed with most!)
London Audiology Consultants was formed in 1985. Over the years the practice gradually built up until now we have 14 staff members and almost 10,000 patients.
There were many challenges raising a growing family and managing a growing business but I have loved every minute. I always felt so fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful, supportive and dedicated people at home and at work. Everyone at London Audiology Consultants, staff and patients, are family to me.
Thank you all!

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