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Improving Communication Improves Relationships

Communication is extremely important to all relationships and a hearing loss can have a significant impact on a person’s desire to interact. Frustration, fatigue and embarrassment from the inability to communicate often leads to withdrawal along with feelings of isolation. The following strategies will make communication easier.

Strategies for Friends and Family

– Be patient with hard-of-hearing people.
– Get the person’s attention before speaking. Call their name or gently tap them on the shoulder.
– Repeat information once then rephrase the message to clarify.
– Speak clearly and slowly. Do not shout as this causes sound to distort.
– Provide them with the topic and identify topic changes as needed.
– Look directly at the person when you speak. Move closer and avoid speaking from another room or with your back turned to them.
– Modify light and seating arrangements if possible to provide the person with a clear view.
– Eliminate or reduce background noises. Turn off the television or stereo, move away from fans and air conditioners, or move to a quieter room.
– Make sure only one person talks at a time.

London Audiology Consultants offers classes, which explain to clients, friends and family the impact of their hearing loss. We teach important communication skills and strategies to reduce frustration and improve communication. Please call the office to register for the next session.

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