Hello and Welcome Back!

Hello and Welcome Back!

June 30, 2016

Our blogs got swamped with news and newsletters, so now we are going to make a special effort to just blog on this site.


I think hearing is usually our most under appreciated sense. Most people say they would rather go deaf than blind. I certainly do not want to minimize the challenges a visually impaired person faces. However, Helen Keller, who was both blind and deaf said that being blind cut her off from things, but being deaf cut her off from people. Just imagine. If you close your eyes you can still hear the people around you but if you close your ears most communication is cut off. Of course deaf people who use sign language and a few of my patients who are phenomenal lipreaders are the exceptions to these statements!


For the vast majority of us communication involves hearing and speaking. Communication is a two way street. However, if one party cannot hear well the important interaction of speaking and listening breaks down. This can lead to all kinds of frustration, misunderstandings, fights, withdrawal, social isolation and loneliness.

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