IMG_0330We have a warm welcoming environment, with friendly staff. Expect a full explanation of results and recommendations throughout your assessment. Reports are sent to your family physician.

Services we will provide:


If you have concerns about your hearing we recommend you have a full hearing assessment. Hearing can be tested at any age from newborns to the elderly. At the age of 50 everyone should have a baseline hearing test with follow up tests every 5 years. Hearing is essential to communication. A quarter of all 65-year-olds have hearing loss. In the population over 75 years of age, incidence of hearing loss increases to 83%. We recommend all seniors have their hearing tested. It is much easier to adjust to hearing aids if the process is started earlier. But no one is too old to hear better!

We provide an initial diagnostic hearing test at no charge for adult patients with suspected or known hearing loss with  a referral from family physicians, nurses, teachers, or any of our current patients.

There is a fee for pediatric diagnostic hearing assessments and for school entry, licenses, job applications and employment hearing tests. Please contact our clinic for details.

For children without underlying medical concerns, we offer no charge hearing screenings one day a month.


We perform a full battery of tests to assess APD. We now offer “Becoming Better Listeners” a treatment program for children with auditory processing disorder.


The professionals at London Audiology Consultants have 30 years experience fitting patients from all over South-Western Ontario with state of the art hearing aids. Our staff regularly attends workshops to learn about new advances so that our patients have access to a full range of the latest hearing aid technologies.

Our professionals will prescribe, fit and follow up on new hearing aids, FMs and other listening devices. If you have hearing aids that you feel are unsatisfactory we provide no obligation second opinions. We verify all hearing aids on the ear using Real Ear Measurements. We also provide minor hearing aid repairs on site.

There are many sources of funding to help cover the cost of hearing aids. The Assistive Devices Program provides grants of $500.00 towards the cost of each hearing aid. Veterans’ Affairs Canada and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board cover the cost of most hearing aids and audiological care. Many private insurance companies cover all or part of the cost of hearing aids. Some carriers also cover the cost of audiological assessments.


Understanding hearing loss is an important step for patients and their families.

Monthly we run The Hearing Club. Anyone can come between 2 PM and  3:30 PM the last Thursday of every month (except December.)  We have a guest speaker at 2 PM followed by tea and coffee and time to socialize.

We offer “Hearing Help” workshops to further explore listening strategies and techniques to obtain the maximum benefit from hearing aids and other amplification devices.

Seniors can also benefit from the ACE program (Active Communication Education). This 4 week program is designed to improve communication skills and strategies in hearing impaired seniors with or without hearing aids.


We also provide home visits. Please contact us for applicable fees.


Extended hours and Saturday appointments are available upon request.