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Margaret Brac



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    Margaret Brac is a well respected clinician, clinical educator, and business owner. She co-founded LAC in 1985 and has led this ever-growing company since then. Hundreds of audiology students have trained with her, many leading successful and distinguished careers in Audiology. Margaret and her health care team have treated thousands of patients from all parts of Ontario, many coming great distances for the attention and care they receive at LAC. Margaret’s team has helped many needy families through the clinic’s non-profit London Audiology Kids and Elders (LAKE) Fund. Many patients have benefitted from the Hearing Club, an outreach program to help hearing impaired people learn and network with others.

    A highlight for Margaret was joining CanGo in 2019. CanGo is a group of medical professionals that provides care for isolated Indigenous communities in Guyana. Margaret provided audiological services, primarily for children. She looks forward to her next mission in 2023.

    Over the years, Margaret has often spoken at conferences and meetings. She routinely provides expert opinions for insurance companies and medical/legal cases. But, at heart, what Margaret wants to convey is that “what stands out is the entire staff who commits to do whatever it takes to serve the best interests of our patients and their families.”