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Happy International Women’s Day! I know we all have strong, smart, and inspirational women in our lives, and today we’d like to celebrate the woman that made LAC possible!
“To acknowledge International Women’s Day I would like to tell you my story.
I started in private practice right after graduating with my Master’s degree in Audiology. I started seeing a few patients two afternoons a week in the back office of an ENT clinic.
Mary joined me about a year later and she has been integral in her tireless help in building this clinic. Thank you Mary!
At first I just tested hearing and prescribed hearing aids. Can you believe, we old pioneers had to prove to the government that audiologists should be allowed to prescribe and dispense hearing aids? Prior to that, people had to take our prescriptions to someone else. We had many political battles in the early years. (And triumphed with most!)
London Audiology Consultants was formed in 1985. Over the years the practice gradually built up until now we have 14 staff members and almost 10,000 patients.
There were many challenges raising a growing family and managing a growing business but I have loved every minute. I always felt so fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful, supportive and dedicated people at home and at work. Everyone at London Audiology Consultants, staff and patients, are family to me.
Thank you all!

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Next up in our weekly spotlights: Sean!
Hi, my name is Sean Brac, one of the audiologists here at London Audiology Consultants (LAC), since 2010. Some of you may already know this, but I have been a part of the LAC team/family literally my whole life. Now I may be skipping a few positions but I have worked my way up from manual paper shredder to filing expert to administrator to audiologist to being a co-owner. While being an audiologist is very dynamic, one aspect of my job is of special importance to me: cerumen management, or more commonly referred to as earwax removal.
Cerumen naturally occurs in the external auditory meatus, or ear canal, of humans. For many people this cerumen works its way out on its own and is never an issue. For others the cerumen builds up and leads to earache, feeling of fullness in the ear, tinnitus, decreased hearing and in some cases dizziness or coughing. For hearing aid wearers, cerumen can become an issue with frequently plugging the hearing aid, or interfering with its proper function.
Consulting an audiologist, we can often remove the cerumen, easily and safely, at one appointment, OR come up with a plan to soften the cerumen for easy removal at a later date.
Pictured you can see my go to cerumen removal tool, the Bionix Lighted Ear Curette, which provides amazing illumination of the ear canal for safe removal.

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March 3rd is World Hearing Day! This is a day to raise awareness on how to prevent hearing loss and promote good hearing health. According to the WHO, the theme for 2021 is “Hearing Care for ALL! Screen, Rehabilitate, Communicate,” because good hearing and communication are important at all stages in life.

At London Audiology it’s not about just doing our job, it’s caring about the job we do. Margaret and Mary started working together in 1983 and helped make this clinic what it is today: a group of dedicated individuals that want to help every person who comes through our doors with their hearing needs.

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Next up in our weekly spotlight is Matt! We want you to get to know our team a little bit more and see what goes on behind the scenes while we take care of your hearing needs:

Hi, my name is Matt Lucas and I am one of the audiologists at London Audiology Consultants. I have been part of the London Audiology team for the past 2 years, helping patients with many areas of their hearing.

One area that is often overlooked in hearing healthcare is tinnitus. Tinnitus is often described as a ringing in our ears, but it doesn’t always sound like a ringing. Sometimes patients describe their tinnitus as a hissing, buzzing or static. Tinnitus is common, but it affects every person differently.

The audiologists at London Audiology are trained to conduct tinnitus assessments to work toward an appropriate treatment plan to help reduce the perception of tinnitus. If you experience tinnitus, know that you are not alone, and that there are strategies we can explore to help.

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Next up in our weekly spotlights is Carrie!

“Hello! My name is Carrie Harse. I’ve been a member of the administrative team here at London Audiology Consultants since 2017.

I have been working in healthcare since the late 1990’s with a majority of that working in Oncology. In 2017, I received the opportunity to expand my knowledge base into the field of Audiology and I love it. I love to see our patient’s quality of life improve once their hearing needs have been addressed.

Like so many others who have had to adapt due to Covid-19, so has my role. For those patients being seen at our Burwell office. I’m the one greeting you at the backdoor with a bottle of hand sanitizer and the person calling you the day before your appointment to complete the covid screening questions. It has become a mission of mine to ensure all our patients and co-workers are healthy and safe in our clinic.”

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This information was discovered by Suzanne one afternoon when she had some time to kill downtown and decided to go to the library. She was able to locate these insurance maps (you can see our property in section 114) and some information about who owned our homes before us.
For privacy reasons we can’t name names, but 387 Burwell was built (c. 1900) by a local grocer for himself and his wife until 1936. From the 1940s, until we bought it in 2004, this house saw travel agents, a daycare, real estate agencies, and accountants. The parking lot also originally had a carriage house.
390 Colborne street, built in 1895, was first owned by a baggageman who worked for the railroad. Over the years Colborne saw a combination of private residences and businesses, such as physicians, lawyers, travel agents, real estate agencies, and Womancare Midwives operated here in the 1990s. It became a private residence again until we purchased it in 2010.

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Next up in our weekly spotlights: Amber!

Hello! My name is Amber Quinn, and I am a Communicative Disorders Assistant (or Audiology Assistant for short). I have been working with London Audiology Consultants since May of 2018. I started out part-time, and moved to full time in February 2019.

One part of my job that is quite important is very “behind-the-scenes”, therefore I thought it would be neat to share. Every repair and new order is seen by myself twice before coming back to you. I process all outgoing and incoming devices. When hearing aids come back from repair, they are quality checked before being prepared for pick up. If being picked up through our newer curbside service, the settings are verified and tested using our test box equipment.

When new orders arrive, I prepare them by assembling the devices (i.e. attaching receivers, earmolds, domes, colour markers, etc.), completing quality inspection and listening tests, charging them (if required), and documenting all serial number and warranty information. I take pride in ensuring all devices are correct and functioning properly before coming back to you!

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Our next addition in our Weekly Spotlights! We want you to get to know our team and what goes on behind the scenes while we take care of your hearing needs:
Hi everyone, my name is Emily Brac and I am a part of London Audiology’s administrative team. I have worked here, off and on, (and let’s say for legal working-age purposes) since I was 14 years old. This clinic is like a second home to me, it helps that most of my actual family works here too.
Everyone always asks if I am also pursuing a career in audiology, and while I love my role here at the clinic, my career path has been Early Childhood Education. I currently have a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Leadership and am now pursuing my Master’s degree as well.
In the meantime I am in charge of our social media and marketing campaigns. This means meeting with our hearing aid company representatives to learn about the different ways we can promote ourselves, increase our online presence, and connect with our community. I also research the latest news in hearing health and share it with all of you, and it’s my job to help you get better acquainted with our amazing team!
But, I think my most important job has been implementing our “Daily Dad Joke” policy in the break room.

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Starkey shared a link with us to their online tinnitus test and we wanted to share it with you:
Tinnitus Management is one of the services we provide. We can help most patients experiencing tinnitus. Tinnitus is the sound of buzzing or ringing in the ears or head which other people do not hear. If you have ever been told that you must “learn to live with it” please contact us!
Tinnitus is experienced by 25% of the population. Only about 15% of them seek medical attention but for this group tinnitus can be debilitating. As 90% of tinnitus patients also have hearing loss, audiologists are in a unique position to provide treatment.
Amplification, masking, habituation, information counseling, relaxation techniques, altering diet, and targeted cognitive behaviour therapy are all tools we can use.
Call us at (519) 435-1899 or email us at for more information.

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Another day, another Zoom meeting. While we are grateful we still have a safe way of having multiple people get together for a conversation, becoming more and more reliant on technology can be frustrating!
The Canadian Academy of Audiology (May 2020), in an article written by Janine Verge, Dana Song, and Anne Griffin, shared some tips in making sure those virtual meetings are inclusive for those who have hearing loss.
Check out the link below for more information:
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