Better Speech and Hearing Month: Week Two -Hearing Protection

Custom hearing protection is another way you can protect your ears with the reassurance that these molds are made to fit your unique ear shape.

Anyone exposed to noise above 85 dB should be wearing hearing protection. But there are many other situations where custom ear molds can be beneficial. As mentioned with the standard hearing protection, hearing protection can also help with sleep and relaxation. Our two most common requests for hearing protection are musician molds and custom swim plugs.
Musician molds are perfect for anyone who works in the music industry or enjoys live music because it reduces the noise levels evenly ensuring that the sounds are clear and natural while still protecting the ears. You can control the amount of sound reduction so that it remains at a safe and enjoyable level.
Custom swim molds are important for anyone prone to ear infections or other ear problems, but still enjoy being in the water. One ear infection may not seem like a big deal, but recurring ear infections can harm your hearing in the long run.
The theme for this week was “damage or joy?” from the motto of Phonak’ Serenity Choice hearing protection line, because it really is that simple. We want you to enjoy the things you love most, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of your hearing and hearing health!