Better Speech and Hearing Month: Week Two -Hearing Protection

When we refer to “standard hearing protection” we are talking about items that our clinic will often have in stock or can easily be ordered for you. Standard hearing protection comes in multiple sizes and will be designed for different purposes. These are more beneficial in the long run when compared to those small foam plugs, which are only designed as a single-use form of hearing protection.

One of our favourite items to recommend is the Phonak Serenity Choice. Pictured here is our own stockpile. As you can see, there are six different types:
Comfort– improves concentration, reduces stress, and reduces background noise.
Motorsport– reduces engine noise, reduces wind and air turbulence noise.
Music– helps prevent hearing damage at concerts, clubs, bars, etc.
Hunting and Shooting– protects users from the peak sound pressure level of gun shots, explosives, fireworks, etc. Permits voice and background noise to be heard and has minimum occlusion.
Sleep– reduces noise from lifts, revellers, kitchen noise, street noise, etc. Reduces the effects of partner snoring.
Work– reduces heavy equipment, machinery and tooling noise, and is suitable for do-it-yourself work, gardening, and cleaning.
For more details about these products, contact us at London Audiology or check out the website:
Another product we recommend is the E-A-R Hi Fi standard hearing protection. They have an acoustical design that reduces noise levels across all frequencies without distorting or muffling the sound. These earplugs provide lower attenuation than standard pre-molded earplugs, allowing workers to hear conversation and warning sounds more easily.
If you or anyone you know feels they could benefit from using standard hearing protection, call or email us and we can guide you in the right direction!