Better Speech and Hearing Month: Week Three -Social Health

Better Speech and Hearing Month: Week Three -Social Health

May 31, 2021 0

“When a family member has a hearing loss, the whole family has a hearing problem” -Mark Ross.

Hearing loss does not occur in a vacuum. Studies show that untreated hearing loss can negatively impact our relationships with family and friends and particularly with those closest to us, such as our romantic partners.
Living with someone who can’t hear can be frustrating, especially when they are unaware of the problem. If they constantly ask you to repeat yourself, turn up the volume on the television to an uncomfortable level, or have trouble hearing the telephone, microwave or doorbell chime, it might be time to have a heart-to-heart chat. Pick a quiet time when the two of you are in a good mood and you can talk uninterrupted. Use a firm, caring tone that is not judgmental or condescending.
Regardless of who is on the receiving end of this serious health conversation, try to also have a sense of humour. Being able to laugh together can help diffuse the situation and put both of you at ease.

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