Better Speech and Hearing Month: Week Four -Auditory Processing Disorder

Better Speech and Hearing Month: Week Four -Auditory Processing Disorder

May 31, 2021 0
Developing a treatment plan for an APD is a thorough process of determining what areas you are struggling in. Our audiologists are currently undergoing training to better identify these areas in order to provide a more detailed form of therapy. 
Treatment plans will also be tailored to age and language development. They will be a series of exercises that have been individualized to meet your needs. Depending on the needs identified, treatment focuses on helping you to learn how to better identify the sounds of speech, listen in background noise, and increase auditory memory, among other things. 
If you believe you or your child could have an auditory processing disorder, or have questions about who is eligible for testing, contact us at London Audiology Consultants.

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