Becoming Better Listeners

SIG_FAIRY_FEFor most children, auditory abilities develop with experience and practice. Children who have auditory processing disorder encounter delayed development of auditory abilities. These children often have difficulty following directions, listening in noisy conditions and learning from listening.
The Becoming Better Listeners program was designed to encourage the development of auditory abilities in children with auditory processing disorder. The program targets basic auditory skill development and desensitization to poor acoustic or noisy environments. The program is composed of five key intervention areas with supporting activities that are completed at home between sessions. Children begin with very simple tasks which become more complex and challenging as skill level is acquired. Several key intervention areas are addressed simultaneously.

This intervention approach also provides the opportunity to change activities on a regular basis, which will promote interest, attention, and participation during each individual session. The auditory ability and skill areas targeted for development in the Becoming Better Listeners program include:

  1. Discriminating and learning to describe sounds;
  2. Discriminating and combining speech sounds;
  3. Following directions;
  4. Listening for meaning;
  5. Desensitization to noise

Activities in each area are tailored according to individual needs. Children advance through the program at their own pace. The full program is 14 weeks in duration, with one hour per week scheduled sessions. The length of each child’s individual program is determined by their needs and progress. The first and last sessions focus on assessing abilities before and after intervention and include surveys of listening behaviour. London Audiology Consultants is pleased to offer the Becoming Better Listeners program which was developed by our team of audiologists.

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